A country known for its pulsating samba rhythms and its rowdy Carnival street parties, Brazil’s citizens are also now considered the loudest in bed. A recent study of 21 different countries found that Brazil is the noisest between the sheets, leading it to be officially declared the country that climaxes the loudest.

Brazilians have the loudest orgasms

According to the survey, not only is Brazil the loudest country in the bedroom, it is way beyond the rest when it comes to the number of screamers. A staggering 65% of Brazilians surveyed claimed to be noisy during orgasm, making them louder than all the other countries together. As a country that is popular for sex tourism and known for annual events like Carnival with its scantily-dressed samba dancers, this statistic will sit comfortably with national stereotypes. In second place is Norway with 39.9% of Norwegian respondents admitting they are loud in bed. Another interesting nugget of information was that 53% of Brits claimed they sometimes came loudly. Suddenly, stereotypes of the country’s bedroom habits begin to crumble. At the other end of the scale is Australia where 34.7% of respondents claimed they are usually quiet when they climax, making them some of the quietest in bed. The quietest climaxers in the world, however, are the Portuguese, with 42% saying they are usually quiet when they come.